Problem Passengers: Challenging Situations—Workbook and DVD Package

National RTAP; 2011

Abstract: Portrays the difficult situations rural transit providers may face, such as verbal abuse, sexual advances, dementia, incontinence, fare refusal, offensive odors, weapons and seizures, and discusses appropriate driver response. 

Emotional Wreck (DVD)

Handbook also available


Aggressive driving is a contributor to 6,800,000 crashes and 1,500 deaths annually! Watch as the narrator rides shotgun or in the backseat with four main characters and cajoles them to swerve, tailgate, run red lights, use the emergency lane and even escalate their emotions in to road rage.

Driven to Distraction (DVD)

Employee handbooks available. Coastal Training Technologies, 2008

Available In English and Spanish

This groundbreaking program illustrates just how dangerous distracted driving can be. The main character is the embodiment of the various distractions that accompany drivers. Watch as he gleefully plots and plans to take attention from the road. The impact of this program is powerful and memorable.

Defensive Driving 15-Passenger Vans (DVD)

Employee handbooks available. Coastal Training Technologies, 2005

Available In English and Spanish

Driving 15-Passenger vans requires certain safety precautions. Understanding why these types of vans need special care will get you and your passengers to your destinations safely.

Coaching the Van Driver II

National Safety Council; FLI Learning Systems; 2003


This training presents updated visuals and new information without sacrificing the strengths of the original program - comprehensive coverage of collision-prevention techniques, a non-lecture participant-intensive educational approach, a modular training format, and an easy-to-use Leaders Guide.

Customers, Conflicts and You: A Transit Operator's Guide To Problem-Solving

San Francisco Municipal Railway, National Transit Institute; 2000

This program is to teach transit operators interpersonal and intrapersonal skills for managing and coping with conflict, which can include situations with violent and potentially violent customers. This training acknowledges and explains the complexities of human interactions and demonstrates skills that minimize or prevent the escalation of conflicts. 

Drivers’ Hours of Service (DVD)

Lancer Insurance 1994


This video provides safety suggestions for professional drivers and the length of time they should operate a transit vehicle.

Driver Fatigue:  How to Combat the Silent Killer (2-DVD set)

Lancer Insurance 2003


A two-set video providing driver information and guidelines in dealing with fatigue.  This set also includes valuable information for owners and managers in addressing fatigue awareness.

  • A Wake-Up Call for Owners and Managers
  • Staying Alive Behind the Wheel  

Weather Wise:  Driving Tips for Bad Road Conditions (DVD)

Lancer Insurance 2005 

A training video depicting bad weather conditions and what safety measures are needed to protect the driver and passengers.

Customer Care & Passenger Safety (DVD)

Lancer Insurance 1996 

This video equips the driver with the tools necessary in providing quality customer service and safety to passengers.


Driving Professionally and Defensively (VHS) Guide attached.

Minnesota Department of Transportation 2003 

This video is intended for new drives who have not yet taken defensive driving or for those who need a refresher.

Conflict Avoidance: The Art of Maintaining Control—A Guide for Transit Operators (VHS and workbook included)

Pine & Associates 2004

The professional operator works in a very stressful environment. Keeping a schedule, dealing with demanding customers, handling traffic, weather and conflict can easily lead the operator down a road of poor eating, sleeping and self destructive behaviors. Conflict between Operators, customers and coworkers result from a lack of understanding the often-predictable behaviors related to stress.

A.C.C.E.S.S. Matters; Accessibility, Communication, Cooperation, Excellence, Sensitivity and Service

Easter Seals Project ACTION, 2009

Designed for fixed-route bus operators, this new training course will assist bus operators in their understanding of law and the basics of good customer service to passengers with disabilities.

NSCSI Transporting Passengers

National Safety Compliance Services, Inc 2008

This video is one in a series of Professional Safety Training Videos from National Safety Compliance Services, Inc.