Training Package for Scheduling & Dispatching for Rural Transit Systems

National Rural Transit Assistance Program (National RTAP)


Schedulers and dispatchers play a vital role in rural transportation: interacting with customers, drivers, and co-workers, and reflecting the company values to the public. The Training Package for Scheduling and Dispatching in Rural Transit Agencies identifies the core competencies needed to be a successful rural transit system scheduler or dispatcher, and provides practical knowledge and skills to enhance job performance. DVD/CD included.

Coaching Knock-Your-Socks-Off Service

Performance Research Associates, Inc.; Zemke, Ron; Anderson, Kristin 1997

This guide is for managers in coaching their employees to success and providing customers with exemplary service.

Knock-Your-Socks-Off Service Recovery

Performance Research Associates, Inc.; Zemke, Ron; Bell, Chip 2000

This handbook is your game plan for a fail-safe service recovery operation. With the frontline savvy and cheerful good humor that marks the entire Knock Your Socks Off Service series.

System Security Awareness for Transit Employees (CD)

National Transit Institute, Federal Transit Administration; 2002

This module defines terrorism, transit system vulnerabilities, and the potential effects of terrorism on transit. It also introduces the concept of a systems approach to security.

Transportation Safety Institute: Emergency Management-Instructor Guide--Bus Operator Training Program

Federal Transit Administration; 2002

This Instructor’s Guide contains detailed information about the skills need to safely drive a transit bus. It is presented as a script for the instructor to follow with questions for participant interactions. The guide may also be used as a reference for developing your own bus operator course.

The First Time Trainer

Goad, Tom W; 1997

Training exists to facilitate the process of making organizations, and people within them, more effective. Since you are either new to training or have had little opportunity to train, you'll appreciate the singular purpose of this book: to serve as a simple, clearly stated set of proven guidelines to use when you conduct training. 

Trench Safety Awareness Training


Trench facilities are entirely preventable. This CD raises awareness of the risks and precautions in trenching and excavation operations to assist your training efforts.

Delivering Knock-Your-Socks-Off Service Fourth Edition

Performance Research Associates, Inc. 2007

Written in the same accessible and humorous style that made this book a classic, the fourth edition features fresh anecdotes and never-before-seen illustrations, as well as brand-new chapters on important topics including the generational divide, serving customers around the globe, and communicating effectively with coworkers across functions in other departments.