Designing Printed Transit Information Materials - A Guidebook for Transit Service Providers

National Center for Transit Research (NCTR); Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT); USDOT Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA)

Call Number: HQ1075.PR—Pub 2008

Project Manager: Tara Bartee

Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR):
Alasdair Cain
William P. Morris
Mark Mistretta

Printed transit information materials are the mainstay of every transit agency’s service information strategy. System maps, route maps, and schedules are the traditional means for providing service information to transit users. This guidebook is part of a growing interest in the development of industry standards in information material design.

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AARP Mobility Toolkit: Step-by-Step Guides for Promoting Mobility Programs

AARP Outreach & Service; 2007

Publication w/ DVD accompaniment

This Mobility Forum Planning Guide will help AARP state offices broaden awareness of and encourage action for enhancing mobility options for older adults in their communities. The guide builds on successful Mobility Forum efforts held by AARP and partners at the national, state, and community levels, and it presents a variety of options to consider when deciding how to best address this critical issue. Includes: AARP Mobility Planning Guide: 8 Steps to Success; AARP Riding the Bus: Presenter’s Guide and DVD; AARP Pedestrian Safety Action Guide: Building Walkable Communities.  

AARP—We Need to Talk: Conversations about Driving; A Guide to Success

AARP, Jeff Finn; 2008

This guide is part of AARP’s Mobility Toolkit, which contains step-by-step instructions for AARP state offices and other groups partnering with AARP to promote a broad array of mobility choices for older adults in their communities.