Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Synthesis 97: Improving Bus Transit Safety Through Rewards and Discipline

Transportation Research Board; Reep, Amber; Goodwill, Jay; Pine, Randall

Abstract: This synthesis report addresses the practices and experiences of public transit agencies in applying both corrective actions and rewards to recognize, motivate, and reinforce a safety culture within their organizations.

Roles and Responsibilities of Transit Managers—Leading the Rural Transit Agency

National RTAP; 2011

Abstract: The package includes the workbook and three DVDs.  Helps managers achieve more cooperation, stronger teamwork, better attitudes, and effective results. The videos cover leadership values, hiring, training and retaining employees, and efficient operations.

Boards that Perform:
Roles and Responsibilities of Transit Board Members
Includes CD
2008 National RTAP
Boards That Perform is an update of the National RTAP module previously known as Roles & Responsibilities of Rural Transit Board Members.

TCRP Synthesis 40: A Challenged Employment System: Hiring, Training Performance Evaluation, and Retention of Bus Operators

Moffat, Gayland; Transportation Research Board; 2001  

This synthesis will be of interest to transit agency professionals and the consultants who work with them in dealing with bus operator employment processes. It offers a snapshot of public agencies' practices in bus operator hiring, training performance evaluation and retention. Each of these areas is uniquely difference, but also highly interrelated; therefore, it is necessary to consider all areas for a complete understanding of the subject.  

TCRP Report 77: Managing Transit's Workforce in the New Millennium

McGlothing Davis, Inc., Transportation Research Board; 2002


This TCRP Report accesses the transit industry's workforce needs and prospects for the coming decades. Further the report provides guidelines to enable employers to assess their own workforce needs, describes best practices for recruiting and retaining employees, and identifies ways to enhance or establish partnerships between management and labor for attracting, training and maintaining a qualified workforce.  

Florida Transit Information System User’s Guide Version 2003

Lehman Center for Transportation Research; Florida International University

This guide provides detailed guidance on how to use the various component programs in the Florida Transit Information System (FTIS) effectively. It assumes that the user is familiar with the general operation of Microsoft Windows.

ADA Essentials for Transit Board Members: Fundamentals of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Transit Public Policy

Easter Seals Project ACTION; Easter Seals Disability Services, American Public Transportation Association (APTA)

Easter Seals Project ACTION and the American Public Transportation Association have developed this handbook, ADA Essentials for Transit Board Members, as a resource guide on the history of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the basic requirements of the ADA law as it pertains to public transit operations, and how the ADA is implemented locally by public transportation systems.