Community Transportation Resource Guide

Community Transportation Association of America; 2000

The resource guide includes state-by state funding levels for job access and, reverse commute, community service block grants and welfare-to-work formula grants. This guide was designed to be your one-stop community transportation funding information.  

Creative Ways to Manage Paratransit Costs

National Center for Transit Research

Center for Urban Transportation Research

Jay A. Goodwill and Holly Carapella

July 2008

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Although paratransit services are usually the most efficient way to provide specialized needs or life sustaining service for the most difficult to coordinate.

The purpose of this project was to define types of paratransit services and their characteristics, document major paratransit expense factors and their trends, and identify and document best practices in paratransit cost containment.

Assessment of the Economic Impacts of Rural Public Transportation

Transportation Research Board (TRB)

Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Report 34

Burkhardt, Jon; Hedrick, James; McGavock, Adam  

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TRB's Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Report 34: Assessment of the Economic Impacts of Rural Public Transportation examines the economic impacts of selected rural public transportation services at the local level through case studies, and it estimates the national economic impact of rural public transportation on an average annual per county basis.


TCRP Synthesis 42:  Use of Flexible Funds for Transit under ISTEA and TEA-21

Stanley, Robert G; 2002

This synthesis will be of interest to transit agency professionals and the consultants who work with them in dealing with flexible funding opportunities.  The purpose is to provide greater familiarity with emerging techniques in the use of flexible funding, and to point out issues that may need further attention.   

Building Mobility Partnerships for People with Disabilities: Opportunities for Federal funding and Promising Practices

Easter Seals Project Action; 2002  

This resource is based on CTAA's established funding guide, 'Building Mobility Partnerships: Opportunities for Federal Funding' and offers supplementary information gathered by Easter Seals Project ACTION about additional programs that specifically target and provided for increased mobility for people with disabilities and senior citizens.

TCRP Research Results Digest 93: Rural Transit Achievements: Assessing the Outcomes of Increased Funding for Rural Passenger Services under SAFETEA-LU

KFH Group; 2009  

This digest summarizes the results of TCRP Project J-6, task 71. The objective of this research report is to provide useful data and information on the changes in rural public and intercity bus transportation that have resulted from the increases in funding made available through SAFETEA-LU.

Building and Retaining Ridership: A Self-Assessment Tool

Rutgers ; National Transit Institute (NTI)--Pub w/ CD

Interactive course on how to conduct a practical self-assessment of your transit system in order to increase ridership The course provides information on factors affecting demand, as well as examples of successful strategies implemented by other agencies. It is designed to support the Federal Transit Administration's goal to increase ridership.  

Managing the Cost of ADA Paratransit

Rutgers, NTI 2003

Participant Handbook

Overview of materials that discuss various ADA resources including: requirements, eligibility and regulations.