Title Abstract

Customer Driven Service: Your Keys to Providing Exceptional Customer Experiences in Transit

(CD Accompaniment)

National Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP); 2011

Abstract: This resource focuses on teaching transit staff that interact with customers the importance of customer service, as well as providing them with the tools and training they need to provide excellent customer service regardless of the situation or who the customer may be. This learner’s guide offers fast facts, best practices, exercises, quizzes and other guidelines to help drivers, dispatchers and other transit staff cultivate the best attitude for truly excellent customer service

Florida Paratransit Roadeo: Guide for Contestants and Judges

Florida Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP); Florida Association of Coordinated Transportation Systems (FACTS)

The Florida Paratransit Roadeo is an opportunity for drivers to gain recognition for their driving skills. This guide is supplied to all contestants and judges so that everyone will be familiar with the ROADEO events, the course layout, rules of conduct, and scoring.

The Professional

National Transit Institute; 1997

This CD Training Program is designed to help bus operators make informed choices when operating a bus and dealing with customers. The training focuses on the three elements of the Transit Triangle that are essential to providing quality service.

Smart Driving + An Accident Prevention Training Program for Bus Operators (CD)

San Diego Transit; 1999

Smart Drivers + teaches bus operators skills and techniques for reducing accidents both on and off the bus. It contains thee modules: The Bus, The Driver, and Defensive Driving.

Safety Training & Rural Transit: Basic Training for Rural Transit Drivers (START)—Instructor’s Guide (CD accompaniment)

National RTAP 2008

The National Rural Transit Assistance Program has developed START as a training tool to help guide operators in three very important areas of knowledge and skill: the equipment they operate, the conditions under which they drive, and the passengers they serve. The Instructor Manual will provide a guide for trainers on how to effectively use the START materials when training transit drivers.

Safety Training & Rural Transit: Basic Training for Rural Transit Drivers (START)—Learner’s Guide (CD accompaniment)

National RTAP 2008

START is an update of the National RTAP module previously known as Special Transit and Rural Safety (STARTS). The Transportation Safety Institute (TSI) of the United States Department of Transportation first created this module in 1988. It has been a cornerstone-training tool since that time, and is now updated to include the latest in vehicle, driver and passenger safety delivered with modern multi-media capabilities.

Curbing Transit Operator Distracted Driving Training (Instructor/Learner’s Guide)

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Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT); US Department of Transportation (USDOT). Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR); 2011

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is pleased to announce the development of the “Curbing Transit Operator Distracted Driving” classroom and computer-based training (CBT) program.  The 20-minute FDOT "Curbing Transit Operator Distracted Driving" computer-based training (CBT) offers transit trainers and operators a self-paced, online training program on the dangers and consequences of driving distracted, by using several modes of media including video, photography, and narration.

Emergency Procedures for Rural Transit Drivers

(w/ DVD Accompaniment)

National Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP); 2010

How transit drivers respond to emergencies can have a direct impact on the health and safety of passengers and the public. For this reason, it is vital that transit staff members have adequate training to properly respond to incidents, accidents, problem passengers, acts of nature and potential emergencies.