Sometimes the answers can't be easily found in a book, report, or a website.  The RTAP Center has developed this email listserv for transportation professionals to ask each other questions and gather information about various aspects of rural transit.

You also can search the listserv archives to view messages sent to the listservs threaded by subject, by date or by author.

The purpose of this listserv is to provide an open forum for the posting and discussion of news and information relating to Rural Transit services. That means that nearly ANYTHING rural transit related is fair game.

Think of this Listserv is an automatic e-mail distribution system. Anyone may send an e-mail message to the "Listserv" and it will be automatically distributed via e-mail to everyone who is subscribed. Other listservs managed by CUTR have found this to be an excellent tool for quickly identifying current practices and procedures used by other systems (e.g., looking for sample schedules), announcing events (e.g., Florida Paratransit Roadeo) or simply comparing notes (e.g., how do you deal with driver training?).

This listserv is also open to all rural transit systems. Rural transit systems face many of the same problems and Florida systems will benefit by sharing with their colleagues in other states.

The following material describes how you can sign up, and the procedures and rules for using the RTAP Listserv. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE. Your information is never sold, shared, etc. with commercial vendors. No one except for the list administrator will be able to obtain a list of the members.

You can go to to:

  • Learn about all the listservs available on the CUTR server;
  • Log in, and view which listservs you are subscribed to. To login to the RTAP listserv directly, go to
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe from listservs;
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