1. Why can't I enter a listserv?

Only members are allowed to read archived messages. You will need to subscribe or log in before you can access these listservs.

2. Why can't I join a listserv?
Subscription requests require the administrator's permission before you may join. This process allows people who abuse the listserv to be dismissed. This has never happened for any of the other CUTR listservs but is a prudent approach. Generally, approval is given within 1 working day. You may send an email to Phil Winters at winters@cutr.usf.edu if you have any questions about the listserv or your subscription.

3. Why can't I send a message?
The RTAP listserv requires that you be a member before you may post a message. Be sure that you are a member, and that you have logged in. Messages do NOT require approval before it is sent to the list.

4. Why can't I read or search for messages in a listserv?
The RTAP listserv only allow members to read archived messages. If you aren't a member, subscribe to the listserv to read messages. If you are already a member, you may need to log in to read messages.

5. Why can't I log in?

Make sure that you are adding the final slash to the URL if you are getting an authentication window. http://cutrlist.eng.usf.edu/read/

If you are a member of several listservs on the server with different email addresses or passwords, the lists you have access to will depend on the email address/password combination you provide when you try to log in. If you do not have a password for some lists, but you have one for others, you will need to provide your password to access any of your lists, even those for which you do not have a password. If you are not a member of any list, you should click on All Listservs in order to subscribe.

6. Why am I asked if I want to accept a cookie?
Cookies allow ListManager to keep track of your log in information as you move through your listservs. They also allow you to share URLs with others so they can go directly to a posting, for example. Your browser must accept cookies in order to log in and use the discussion listserv interface. Either manually accept the cookies ListManager is giving to you, or change your web browser's settings to allow cookies.

7. How can I get more information?

If you have ANY problems related to the RTAP Discussion List, PLEASE do not post them to the list. A list administrator is at your disposal for this very purpose; please avail yourself of the resource: Philip L. Winters winters@cutr.usf.edu.

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