What is RTAP?
Created in 1986 by the Federal Transit Administration, the Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP) is designed to provide technical assistance, training and technology exchange to rural and small urban areas. In Florida, the Public Transit Office of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) administers the RTAP program. FDOT has retained the Center for Urban Transportation Research to manage the Florida RTAP Center and help address the training and technical assistance needs to Florida's small urban and rural transit systems.

The Mission
The Florida RTAP provides training, continuing education, and technical assistance to those who provide or assist in the provision of public transportation services in rural and small urban communities in order to promote the coordinated delivery of safe, efficient, and effective transit services.

The Vision
  • Customer Driven
  • Comprehensive
  • The Model for Others

RTAP Working for You
Florida's RTAP Center team consits of talented and experienced transit professionals with whom many of you have already worked. Our approach is intended to be broad and flexible, with an emphasis on training, technical assistance, research and other support services

Educational outreach is the focus of the Florida RTAP Center team. Educational outreach comes in the form of comprehensive and interactive training, an up-to-date website, listserv, quarterly newsletter, resource center, and advisory board.

The Florida RTAP Center also provides support for both local/regional roadeos as well as the state roadeo.

How RTAP Can Help You?
Florida's RTAP Program is committed to providing the highest quality training for Florida's public transportation agencies. The RTAP program is actively involved in the development of training curriculum and associated training videos and the delivery of that curriculum.

In 2006, the RTAP program completed the Instructors Course in Paratransit Operations. This course is now being used by the Transit Safety Institute (TSI). Also in 2006, the RTAP program produced a substance abuse training video titled "Clean, Sober, and Safe" which has received numerous accolades nationwide.

In July 2007, Florida's RTAP program began the first Transit Supervisor's Course through a collaborative arrangement with TSI and a group of subject matter experts. Once the eight modules of this course have been completed, it will become part of the TSI's training offerings.

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